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A little more information about how we can help!

At Trevino Bilingual Consulting and Speech Therapy (TBCST), it is very important to us that you feel comfortable and excited about the choice to allow us into your child's life.  For that reason, we like to dedicate the time necessary to build a relationship with you and that begins the minute you get in touch with us!  We want to make sure that we are going to be the right fit for your child and your family because that is the first step in successful speech therapy!

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Family - Centered

Family is everything.  Everything we do is family - centered.  We work together with you to understand what is important to your child and your family.  As we learn what your priorities, needs, and values are, we ensure that our treatment approach reflects those things.  This allows us to make sure the treatment goals are relevant and meaningful.  We prioritize family participation and collaboration.  We provide caregiver support to help you use the strategies you learn to help your child outside of the therapy room.

Evidence - Based

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) states that evidence-based practice (EBP) is using clinical expertise, scientific evidence, and client/caregiver perspectives to make informed decisions and provide high-quality services. So, we make it a priority to stay informed on the latest research and are constantly participating in continuing education. 

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Our process

  1.  Get in touch with us

Reach out and tell us what you are concerned about or what your child is struggling with.  You will be able to talk to Yvonne, a certified speech language pathologist when you call, text or email.

2.  Complete intake paperwork

We will make arrangements regarding intake paperwork to begin the process.  This paperwork will allow us to gather important information about your child before the evaluation.  The paperwork will also explain all of our policies and procedures.

3.  Schedule your evaluation

We will work with you to schedule your evaluation.  During the evaluation, we will talk about your child's developmental history  your concerns, their strengths and things that are challenging. Then we will complete the testing. We will analyze all the information, develop a plan of care (POC) and write up a detailed report.  A time will be scheduled go over the evaluation results and POC with you and give you a chance to ask any questions.

4.  Start therapy

The evaluation results will give us the information necessary to develop meaningful goals for your child and your family. Now the fun part, we schedule therapy and get started!

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Does my child need help?

Children develop at different rates.   There are milestones that children meet as they grow.  You can see ASHA's information on Typical Speech and Language Development  here.  

Your child may benefit from therapy if:

  • They are not using many words when talking.

  • They have difficulty understanding conversations, following directions, understanding stories

  • When they want to tell you something, their conversation is hard to follow or lacks details

  • They have a difficult time explaining what they mean

  • They have trouble learning to read and write.

  • There are several sounds your child has difficulty pronouncing

  • Your family or friends often have difficulty understanding your child.

  • You notice their peers are easier to understand

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